Numenera Up North

Beneath the Unseen Lake (Part 1)

Three weeks ago, the party set out from the city of Charmonde with a merchant caravan of aneen-riders. The caravan followed the winding path of the Tithe river, heading west. While the merchants traveled on towards the sea-port of Harmuth, the party left their company at a fork in the river and traveled north instead, leaving the safety of The Steadfast for the The Beyond.

Trekking into the Cloudcrystal Skyfields, the party came to The Unseen Lake, where they’d heard rumors of a strange and unexplained appearance. Sure enough, a huge metallic wedge – some 300 feet long and 60 feet wide – was half-submerged in the lakes invisible waters. With the help of a local fisherman, the party reached the centre of the lake and began to investigate the surface of the wedge. In all of their diverse experience, they had never seen a metal like this before and not one of them understood how an object of such considerable size could simply appear over night.

Finding an opening in the exterior of the wedge, the party crawled their way into its interior and found themselves in complete darkness. The cool air inside had a strong metallic scent to it and the sound of metal tapping against metal could be heard. Using esoteric ‘hedge magic’, Zaine conjured a small light, trying to discern where they were. The light revealed a room with walls and ceiling covered in crisscrossing metal cables, and a floor littered with mismatching metal crates and barrels. Nibov touched the wires over head and the source of the tapping was revealed: six steel spiders skittered out of the shadows and attacked the party.

Unprepared for the attack, the group struggled in the darkness to fight off the spiders – with one clamping onto Mondo‘s face – while Von Katzenjammer used the encounter to scrutinise the creatures. Nibov sprayed the spiders with a ’Metal Death’ cypher, turning their steel bodies as brittle as glass and sealing the creatures fates. Though the spiders the attack had not been lethal, it had unsettled the party and made them cautious of what else they might find in their exploration.

After dispatching the spiders, some of the party took trophies of their victory against the steel spiders, while Seeto opened a couple of the crates in the room, revealing stacks and stacks of semi-transparent disks. He took some of these disks and a small box from one of the other open crates, unable to distinguish what purpose or function these objects might serve.

After a moment to catch their breath, the party ventured gingerly out into a corridor to explore further. Ahead of them was a doorway leading to an empty shaft, four feet across and rising up and down into the unknown parts of the structure. Before exploring this peculiar opening anymore, the party took the time to examine a little more of their surroundings.

Turning to the left, they found yet met steel spider webs covering the walls and ceiling. They found found another doorway and after blowing the door off its hinges, discovered another empty room: this one containing only nine identical metal slabs. Von Katzenjammer scanned the slabs and discovered traces of heat on their surfaces, but inspection by Seeto revealed nothing about their purpose. Further passage in this direction was cut off by what looked like a collapsed or impacted section of the corridor wall.

Travelling down the corridor to the right of the room they had originally emerged from, the group found a room containing a gigantic hour glass. At the narrowest point of the hourglass, a sphere appeared to be held in suspension. Around the hour glass, there were various tables and panels covered equal measures in steel spider webs and unidentified equipment. Zaine searched the room and found a numenera repairing cypher, which he gave to Seeto.

The group returned to the shaft and decided to lower Mondo inside, using Nibov‘s rope. As he was lowered inside, Seeto tossed light-emitting sphere down into the shaft to reveal a nest of four steel spiders down below. Startled by the light, the spiders began to scurry up the shaft walls towards Mondo’s dangling feet…



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