Navarene is a large, prosperous kingdom in the Steadfast. “Wealthy as a Navarene merchant” is saying familiar to all citizens of the nine kingdoms, and is rarely said without a smirk or a sneer. Navarene sits between the rest of the the Steadfast and the Beyond, so it has many defensive forts and war-castles along its northern border.

To the west of the kingdom is The Westwood, an ancient and vast forest. Also in the west is the near-impenetrable city of Bodrov – home to just one-thousand Navarene citizens – where the Vacant Palace can be found.

To the east is the capitol of Charmonde, home to the reclusive yet shrewd and ruthless Queen Armalu.

The south of the kingdom is largely made up of farmland and is also where the city of Shallamas – a trade city and notorious haven for thieves – can be found.

Navarene is also the location of The Amber Monolith, a site sacred to the Order of Truth. A fortress staffed by Aeon Priests – independent to the Navarene government – guards the monolith.


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